Monday, June 11, 2012

Olympians Sent Home for Gun Picture?

I know this is more of an International issue, but this is just ridiculous. Two Australian Olympic swimmers are being sent home becuase they posed with guns in a picture, at a California gun range nonetheless!! Isn't that the norm for two guys at a gun range to do, take a picture posing with guns when you go shooting? I personally like to have some evidence to show my shooting buddies when I go shoot a cool gun or find a new spot. The two are even being banned from using social media for a whole month: censorship and silence imposed by their government. What has the international community learned about guns in the last decade to send two fine athletes home for a picture? Obviously nothing, since these two young men did absolutely nothing wrong. They were fully within the bounds of the Second Amendment protections, yet they are being punished for digital evidence of what is almost being pegged as a "crime" against the Olympics and Pro swimmers everywhere, labeling the photos as innapropriate. Sounds like baloney to me.

Australian Olympic Swimmers

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  1. Yeah, I agree it's bullshit, but a correction is in order:

    They are Australian. They are not protected by our Second Amendment.

  2. Correct, they are not protected since they are not citizens. I think my greater query was as to why the Australian Swimming board was so appalled, because we have the Second Amendment and going shooting is perfectly legal here. More so that i felt there wasn't a full faith and credit.


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