Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gun Carrying Citizen Stops Attacker

This  is often a fact that gets overlooked by the liberal media and legislators: the fact that for every violent killing with a firearm, there are just as many acts of bravery that stop attacks from happening or progressing. This brave man at a local Grocery store in Salt Lake City stopped a man who decided to go on a stabbing spree. The brave man happened to be carrying a concealed handgun, and decided to pull it on the attacker, which stopped the stabbing spree. Every day, there are stories like these, they are just harder to find. People who stop attacks like these are not the kind of people that will go out of their way to seek attention from the media, or recognition for their act of courage. I give this man a big thank you, from all of us who value concealed weapons. He is a hero in my eyes. Below is the link to the full story