Saturday, June 23, 2012

Handy Range Device

So here's that handy dandy range accessory I was telling you all about a couple days ago. You will have to excuse me not posting for a couple days, I was on the top of a mountain, here's a nice shot for ya'al. It was great to get away from the world for a while and enjoy nature. And yes, this really is California.

Ok now to the good stuff, here's a little trick I use when I go trap shooting, (sorry if you don't shoot trap or skeet, I'm sure you could use it for maybe some pistol and rifle use, But not likely). I've seen one other person on a gun range that uses it, so it's not my invention per se. It alleviates the need for a costly trap belt with the leather box and mesh bag. 

To attach the box of shells to your belt, you simply cut two vertical slits in the back of the box, feed your belt through, and tear off the top cardboard flaps, then presto! you have an alternative to a costly trap belt, and a simple way to have your shells near by.


  1. Nice photo. By the way, since my better half is a true blue Southerner, I need to tell you that it is "y'all", unless you mean more thaan one. Then it's "all y'all".

  2. Note taken, I will definitely spell it the right way now. Sometimes people peg me with a southern accent just because I say Y'all

  3. Nice time to be up in the High Sierras! If you head East a bit further and get to Reno, the Gunblogger Rendezvous-VII is in September - join in if you can!

  4. Yes, I have frequented Reno a couple times for concerts and casinos, and what not. But unfortunately I'm out of town in September, Just my luck!!


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