Monday, June 11, 2012

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Hello my fellow gun enthusiasts!

As this is the first post on this blog, I will explain the purpose. The purpose of this fine piece of free speech is to get the message out to my fellow Americans about the current movement in the liberal seats of congress, as well as state legislatures in states like California, New York, and Illinois. I wish for people to become more educated on what really contributes to gun violence, instead of just taking every shooting as another symtom of unregulated firearm markets. To all my fellow conservatives, shooting buddies, gun enthusiasts, and citizens who are law abiding citizens, let us rally together against oppressive government, and maybe even get a couple laughs out of it. By following my blog, you will be treated to political news, humorous gun stories, great shooting ideas, and news about cool guns and products that you might love adding to your gun collection. It is an honor to represent the Americans who take pride in our Constitution, including the Second Amendment, not just what we pick and choose.

Sincere Thanks,

The Author


  1. Hey Tyler,

    You commented on my blog, 22longrifle so I thought I'd return the favor. Honestly your off to a great start. Don't hesitate to add google adsense and possibly pick up some sponsorships. I've been putting together a target tactical 10-22 and so far all of my new upgrades have been sent in by corporate sponsors.

  2. yeah i'll definitely look into it, I'm just trying to do everything to get new followers and viewership right now. Sounds like a great project gun, 22 is always fun to shoot, and cheap too!!


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