Thursday, June 14, 2012

California Gun Laws & Name change

California State Flag

.22 long rifle ammo

Yes, if you are wondering, I changed the name of the blog form "Americans for 2nd Amendment" to "American and Armed". Shorter and easier to remember. Still the same blog. Anyways so I am from the Communist state of California, unfortunately means i must abide by all the crazy leftist gun laws mad by the legislators in Los Angeles. What do they know about guns besides gang banging? Anyways I frequently speak with gun owners from other states and find out how bad our laws really are.
  • 11 day waiting period after purchasing a gun at a dealer
  • all ammunition except shotgun you must be 21 to purchase
  • magazines can carry no more than 10 rounds
  • and there is a limit of 1 feature on an AR type weapon (e.g. flash suppressor). Can't have a detachable magazine and a pistol grip, it's one or the other.
Ridiculous yeah? Tell me what the laws are in your state, or lack thereof.


  1. * 11 day waiting period after purchasing a gun at a dealer

    I have a waiting period on my Colt Gold Cup. The waiting period is more than 180 days. Why such a long waiting period for this gun? Because it has been on order for /months/. It is taking that long to get one into the store from Colt.

    Once it shows up, I pay for the gun and walk out of the store with it. No waiting.

  2. Wow that's a long wait time. I envy those states that have no waiting periods like your state, because that's how it should be. Guns are about the only consumer product i know of where you have to wait after purchasing it, even if it is in stock and small enough to take home. ridiculous.

  3. Where y'at? I was in Sonoma before moving to FLA...

  4. Oh yeah, gun laws here: I have an AK with a bayonet AND grenade lug, I can have thirty and 75 round mags, hell, there's even a 100 round mag I saw I want. All detachable. I can have whatever the hell I can afford here. In fact, Key West is a bastion of liberal thinking but I bought my AK on Duval Street in a gunshop in a barber shop. And I passed the background check in less than a half-hour on a Sunday.

    Fuck California, and I'm a California native! By the way, I bought my 9MM in Cali before the law was passed banning high-cap mags. Got into an argument later with a cop at a Sonoma gun range who claimed I couldn't have them. The range owner set the cop straight on the law, backing my rightful claim that I could have them as long as I purchased them prior to the law being changed. I NEVER assume LEO's have a fucking clue what they're talking about.

  5. I'm from the capital region, It's like a whole different state it seems up here in NorCal. I completely know what your talking about, because with the way the laws change so fast when it comes to guns, everybody thinks they know what the law is. Kinda the same with cars, it seems like the driving instructors know more about the law than LEO, just like range masters who are around tens of guns a day.


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