Friday, June 15, 2012

Chick Lean

Is it just my imagination? Or do most girls have an extreme lean back when they shoot guns? Seems like no gun is immune from chick lean, I've seen it with shotguns, handguns, and rifles.Many times, I have even seen it contribute to the gun being dropped because of the awkward stance.Many theories are out there about chick lean, but the most common is that it is more comfortable for girls to position the weight of the gun more over the hips. Girls, is that about right? you tell me. Hey, I've even seen a few guys do it! Plain and simple, its just poor shooting stance, and only makes the recoil worse. To get a good competition shooting stance, one should lean into the gun, slightly forward, and position feet however feels most normal, but most likely staggered, not side by side.

Tell me about your own theories on why chicks lean back


  1. Folly says it's because most guns have stocks that are too long for a woman to comfortably hold and be able to sight through. She has no problem with proper stance with my AK which has the short stock I hate. I've heard others bitch about the same problem, it's only comfortable if you have body armor on. I'm getting an adjustable tactical stock for it as soon as I can afford it.

  2. yeah i could see that, longer arms would definitely help shoulder a rifle and be able to lean forward.

  3. I had this problem when I started shooting competition trap. my arm grew tired and it's easier of you.lean back. The guns just to heavy on your left hand sometimes.


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