Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bushmaster AR-15: Good for hunting too?

Well hello folks, I have been on quite a long trip away from my blog as work and school have kept me busy. After my great day shooting and gun shopping today, I just thought I would share my thoughts on something that's been in the news recently, now that things have cooled down. The news has got me thinking about the Bushmaster AR-15, which will probably be banned in my communist state of California if these shootings continue. I would like to point out some of the great advantages of owning such a weapon: not only is it a great home defense weapon and a great gun for training to hunt, but it can be a great hunting gun. That 16 inch stock carbine AR style rifle at the local gun store can be bought for $600 and turned into $2,000 worth of merchandise with some simple additions. You want to keep burglars out of your house? Keep it the way it is and you have a great home defense gun. Want to take a nice deer hunting trip? Throw on a 24 inch barrel, a bipod and a scope, and you have yourself a nice .223 caliber rifle to hit a deer accurately from over 400 yards. Sounds like two guns for the price of one to me!! Anywhoo, let me know what you think. Some people say its not practical, but I say it sounds like quite the boy toy to me.

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