Monday, January 21, 2013

Utah says no to more gun control

Out here in Utah where I go to college, there is a movement brewing. People of all ages: men, women and children, are crying out against an oppressive government that wishes to take away a fundamental right of Americans. Obama and his Democrats say there is no use in sporting for an "assault rifle" style AR-15, but here in Utah many people beg to differ. Most any gun store around here is sold out of AR style rifles, due to fear of the impending revival of the ban on assault weapons that ended in 2004. Among many of the protectors this last weekend was a good friend of mine, whom I attend college with. He was able to be seen by the media and get some recognition along with other of his friends. The signs read "9/11, Columbine, Newton and Aurora: all gun-free zones" and "I want a good guy with a gun in my school". Here, the conservative consensus is not to take away the guns, but rather solve the issue of violence by hiring more School Resource Officers and reducing violence seen by children in movies, video games and music. I applaud the brave people who marched on the capitol, and I am proud to say that My friend and I will both be marching at a larger protest in March. More to come...

Here are the news articles for the story:
3,000 rally at Utah state capitol
Utah rallies against stricter gun laws


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  2. I think we have to came for the protection of our self, and we have to protest against Gun control.


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