Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oliver North, A Great Man


Among all the gun debates, I'd like to step back and highlight a great man in our history. Not only are many of us in the gun rights community avid shooters and mostly conservative, but we are patriotic Americans who love our country. I was surprised to hear my boss tell me that his hero is Oliver North, and that he still highly respects the man. I was delighted to hear that not everybody still thought Ollie was guilty. I have grown to have a great respect for the man, after learning that my grandfather and Oliver have emailed back and forth about our similar family histories. We learned that our family is related to Oliver's family, as we not only share the same last name, but many commonalities in where our relatives come from.

     I think too many people forget that the Iran Contra scandal happened under one of the most respected Presidents this country has seen, Ronald Reagan. Don't get me wrong, Reagan is my favorite president, I just want to give Ollie some credit too.

     Today, Ollie is a news correspondent for war news, and frequently visits the troops in the middle east to do USO shows, as well as see how the troops are doing. He has written many books in his time since the controversial trial, and is featured on the news frequently. He is an unseen icon of public virtue that this country hasn't seen since the days of George Washington, and doesn't ever get the full credit for his bravery when he became the fall man for a dubious plot to help Nicaraguan rebels.

     We need more men like Oliver North in this government if we want to keep our liberties and our freedoms, because by golly, no amount of public virtue can be seen in congress or the white house these days.

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