Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3D Printable Guns Available to All

First off, I preface my word with this statement: I am an avid gun lover, gun owner, and believe heavily in the right of the second amendment. My blog is, after all, all about people's second amendment rights. With that being said, this new gun scares me, and I don't think it is a good idea. This new gun, called the "Liberator", is being made by a man in Texas, with a 3D printer which molds plastic pieces, using a computer image.

Although this gun may look like a harmless toy, it is a firearm that can fire a real handgun caliber projectile, and kill someone. The makers of the gun may have added a six ounce piece of steel to the frame to make it detectable in airports, but that does not solve the problem. The real problem is that the gun is not meant to be bought at a store, it is meant to be created at home from a personal 3D printer. The maker of the Liberator wishes to make the blueprints for the gun available to all, which could put it directly in the hands of people who don't qualify to purchase a handgun at a sporting store. The big problem is that there is no supervision to make sure each gun printed at home has metal added so it will be legal under the Undetectable Firearms Act.If no metal is added, the guns could easily pass through metal detectors at airports, schools and courthouses. The maker has also gone as far as making high capacity magazines called "Feinstein mags", named after the California Congresswoman who made magazines holding more than 10 rounds illegal in the state of California. I am all for high cap magazines, but not by going about it in a less than legal means and trying to skirt the law.The Liberator's inventor has also made AR-15 lower receivers out of the 3D printable material, and is gaining popularity for its lightweight qualities. 

Again, keep in mind that I am a total supporter of the second amendment when I make this statement, that these plastic printable guns go against what we as law abiding gun owners stand for. The reason these guns scare me, is that it is just another reason for lawmakers to try and legislate away our freedoms. In the eyes of the lawmakers, guns like the liberator make it look as if all guns are scary and out of control, and that all guns need to be taken away because of the stupidity of a few. I believe that the Liberator is a bad idea, because we as law abiding gun owners believe in following the law, going through proper procedures such as background checks and safety classes. If anyone can just print their own gun at home, the world will become a lot scarier place. Now instead of knowing that your local sheriff deputy and conservative neighbor conceal carry, you will have to worry whether the neighborhood drug dealer is packing a Liberator plastic handgun. Please, don't support this gun. It's a bad idea. 

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